Effective Advertising

Online Classified Advertisements can be a powerful, method of selling products and services. Here are a few reasons outlining the benefits of selling your goods via The Woodlands Market Place.
Traditional classified ads, aka newsprint ads require payment prior to being listed. Think through, what may happen once you post your ad and be sure that the verbiage is correct, because once an incorrect ad has been printed, corrections cannot be made until the subsequent printing of the next edition; newspaper ads are a good example.
TheWoodlandsMarketPlace.com offers free advertising that can be altered at any time. You are in direct control of the advertisement, you can modify the listing, the price, or even the images associated with that ad as needed.

Get the reader’s attention immediately.

A successful advertising campaign creates attention and informs. Print ads are typically limited to a certain # of characters and then by number of characters per line or row, and then a limit on the number of rows as well. This formula then has to allow for typeface settings aka font settings, a given font allows for "x" characters per inch (cpi) while a larger font would reduce the cpi and transversely, a smaller font would increase the cpi. There are different techniques of attention grabbing advertising. Billboards have transitioned from essentially, paper and glue to some of the largest, high quality displays outside of Reliant Stadium. These giant, LED screens, use high quality images, to attract attention and can be updated quickly. It's an incredible marketing tool for the owners of these electronic billboards as they can now contract with multiple customers per sign, all simultaneously. Even with the LED display though, the typical driver only has a brief few seconds to view said billboard and likely won't see more than one ad. Advertisements on The Woodlands Market Place are not all that different really, at least not until you factor in a few things.
Your classified ad on The Woodlands Market Place, can be colorful, contain several photos, varying font sizes, an (optional) Google map to your location, and all of it can be modified at any time during the run of your ad.

Readers of classified ads are interested in buying things. Therefore, you want to quickly capture their attention by telling them that you have what they want, even if they don’t yet know it. Crafting an interesting title is key to a successful ad; classified ads can be more than a list of titles that people read through and disregard. So your title has to interest people enough to open the ad. Keep your title less than 40 characters. Load your title with descriptive 'power words' that optimize what you are selling. Your product could be anything from a bed frame to a dishwasher, or even a used car. The title in your classified ad should tell exactly what you have to offer in concise terms.
Attracting a reader's interest with an attention grabbing headline, one that describes your product in six words or less. Look for ads selling similar products, and present your case in a more compelling way.

Interest Building

The next step is to get the reader interested in YOUR product; write a short blurb about the product that emphasizes the best things about the item. You also want to tell the price you expect. If you are giving away your kittens or puppies for free, say that in the ad. Many people may expect that ‘free’ puppies might be muts, so you might want to express positive things like the color of the pups, how friendly the mom is and so on. E.g. Pomeranian puppies, snow white hair, 12 weeks old, very friendly and affectionate. Add a picture or two of the puppies, hopefully showing them as sweet and adorable.
In contrast, the following example, “2013 Chevrolet Avalanche, $ 13,400.00” could result in a lot of responses but, you are more likely to lose "price shoppers" who may feel that the asking price is too high and they never open your ad. By not placing the asking price in the title, you may get that one click from a "price shopper" who reads your and decides that description justifies the asking price, and makes the purchase.
A successful ad will discuss any specific information about the product such as, the [item] is red in color and has [size] scratch along [one] side. Be careful to not make false claims as the responder will likely be disappointed and potentially upset when he or she travels to view a product which was not what was described. This where photos can help dramatically. Make sure that your photos are as clear as possible and give an accurate view of your item(s).

The Desire to Buy

This is the stage where the buyer is motivated to take action and contact you, the seller. Desire can be created in the minds of the reader and encourage them to find out more. Craft a concise and descriptive message. People generally just scan through the ad titles, so you have to deliver a interest demanding, mini-message that creates clicks on your ad. If you do the interest part correctly, and without making any extravagant claims, your ad should create enough interest in the mind of our readers so that he or she is motivated enough to buy from you.

Three steps to writing an eye catching, interest building classified advertisement

Write a descriptive paragraph on what you're offering; The what, the condition, the benefits, the why, the where.
Describe what you are selling, and if it's in excellent condition, make sure you say so. Sometimes sharing the reason for selling an item can be helpful to perspective buyers. Write your ad in a conversational tone as though you are talking directly to the reader. For example, instead of saying, 'My ‘product’ is designed for people that... , say, The ‘product’ is for people like you, people who enjoy...

"Call to action"

In a well crafted classified ad, the author suggests, tells, or indirectly commands the reader to take action. You end your copy with: "Call me at (555) 555-5555 and ask for Jim so that you can discover more exciting things about my 2013 Chevrolet Avalanche."
The key here is to entice people to take action and contact you about the item for sale rather than simply thinking about taking action. Some buyers simply need to be subtly directed to do make a purchase while others could be turned away for the same thing.

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